Sunday, April 11, 2010


This picture is from our trip to Disney World 4 years ago, I just LOVE how beautiful the flowers are!

Ahhh Spring! One of my favorite times of the year. To be honest I say this for every season - I love them all for their own wonderful reasons. I need to have all four seasons, I like the anticipation of the coming season. For some reason though, I am loving Spring this year!

It has been gorgeous here today. Ryan and I spent the morning running errands - grocery store, Target, and Kohl's. Right now he is putting away the groceries (he is amazing like that) and then we are headed outside to enjoy the weather and grill!! We bought a football on clearance so we're going to toss around the old pigskin. Actually, it's not a "real" football because I need a smaller one so it's not truly made out of a pig's skin. Which makes me wonder: are "real" footballs really made out of pig's skin? Maybe they used to be...

Anyways...we are dressed in our Spring gear. Ryan in shorts, me in Bermuda shorts and we are ready to go! I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather as much as we are!! Have a great weekend!