Saturday, May 22, 2010

It Has Been Too Long...

Since I last updated!!

Not TOO much has been going on around here. The weather is starting to get nicer, but it seems whenever we have a warm day the wind likes to be present. Today it was nearly 90 but the wind was so strong we had no desire to be out in it.

For the summer I am going to be working with 2 year-olds, young 2 year-olds. It looks like I will be spending my summer potty training! I have never done this before, but I am eager to take on the challenge of a new room with a new class. I am sad to be leaving the kids I have had since October, but this is the life of working with kids. Everyone must move on. The best part is that Nathan (my nephew) will be in my class for the next couple of weeks. I think we are both excited for this, I just show it more than he does!

Ryan and I are both extremely excited because in 2 weeks we are headed to Southern California for a vacation!! We have not been on a vacation since 2006 when we went on our honeymoon to Florida. We are flying in on June 5th and come back home on June 11th. We will be experiencing a first as a couple - going to the beach!! Ryan and I are sooo excited and I will absolutely be sharing pictures when we get back.

I think that is all the news I have to share for now - no pictures this time, mostly because I keep forgetting to charge our camera battery.