Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pretty House

Guess where we went today?? 

A true Colorado landmark with cliff divers, gun fights, Mexican "food", and an overall good time!  You've got it - we went to Casa Bonita!!

"Why?" you may ask, "would two adults with no children in tow choose to go to Casa Bonita on a beautiful Saturday?"  Well...because one of two said adults had never been.  

We decided Ryan needed to go because if you are going to live in Colorado you should go to Casa Bonita at least once.  Also, he has felt a little left out when the pink building with the gold dome has been brought into conversation.  

Mind you, I had forewarned Ryan about Casa Bonita.  I told him the food may not meet all of his expectations and that we may feel a little out of place since we have no children to experience the place with.  However, with some help from family we still decided to go.  If ever you need to convince a family member or friend to go to Casa Bonita, this is what helped us:
Kyle told us that you go there more for the experience than the food.  She also reminded us that we could use it as an opportunity to decide if it is a place we'd like to take our children in the future.  Good tip!

My Mom said it would probably be reasonable since we are on a budget and (here's where we began to doubt our decision a little) she had never heard of anyone getting sick from their food.  

So we set off for an afternoon of food, fun, together time, and a hope neither of us would get sick from the food.  We would, of course, hate to have to change my Mom's future input into anyone's Casa Bonita adventures.

Here is Ryan going into Casa Bonita for the first time!  He can no longer say he's never been.

And now to sum up our time at Casa Bonita:
The food?  Well, neither of us got sick.  Nauseous?  A little. 
The experience? Good.  We wandered around a little, watched the divers, missed the puppet show, and were startled when we walked into the middle of the gun fight and both almost jumped out of our skin. Ryan and I can have a good time no matter where we are so it was an overall good time.

We certainly did not make an afternoon out of it, about an hour really.  And when asked if he would go again, Ryan responded by saying "Now I know why people always say you need to go at least once, but really I'd say at most once."  

Note: As far as our future children are concerned: they will have to experience Casa Bonita on their own, hopefully with a full stomach!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cyst or Cat Scratch "Fever"?

If you have already seen me or will see me in the near future you will notice "it".  A red, painful bump on my neck that I have had since April.  Initially, I thought it was a swollen gland, since that happens to me a lot.  After two doses of antibiotics and a horrible CT scan,  I made the trip today (with my wonderful and calming sister, Kyle) to the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor.  Turns out "it" could be one of two things: 1.) a sort of cyst or 2.) something that has "cat scratch" in it's name, which I have dubbed cat scratch "fever".  Kyle and I could not remember the medical name for it.  I will be getting an ultrasound on Monday to determine which one it is.  If it is a cyst, I will have surgery to have it removed.  If it is cat scratch fever, I will be put on antibiotics.  If the antibiotics don't fight it, then I will have surgery.  Turns out, my cute little kitty Oreo, may have given me some of her bacteria through a scratch or bite, which got into my blood and then settled in my lymph node.  

To anyone I have had contact with or will have contact with: I AM NOT CONTAGIOUS!  No matter the result you can't catch what I have.  I immediately came home and googled to get more information and cat scratch fever is rare and not contagious.  

To my sister: thank you for going with me!  Your reading of The Bernstein Bears as we waited calmed me and my fears of Mrs. Grizzle "The Babysitter".  But really, I do appreciate you going!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Welcome to my blog!  I have been following other blogs for quite awhile and have decided to hop on board and create my own.  My blog will contain my thoughts, feelings, and stories of my life.  I tend to get antsy waiting for others to update their blogs so I will try to update mine frequently.  Comments and suggestions are always welcome and I am excited to get started.  Enjoy!