Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Del Monte BOGO Coupon!

Sorry for getting this up so late - work, work meeting, and volleyball tonight kept me from getting this up until now. I did check and the coupon is still available! Follow the link below and then click on the Learn Why link and that will take you to the coupon. Remember you need to be a registered member of Vocalpoint to get in on this deal!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

BOGO Coupon Available Tuesday!

A few posts ago I wrote about some of my favorite survey and free sample sites. One of those was Vocalpoint and on Tuesday they will have buy one get one FREE coupons for Del Monte Fruit Naturals cups.

You must be a registered member of Vocalpoint to get in on this deal. If you are not already a member of Vocalpoint you should go on over and register there now.

Come back here Tuesday and I will post the link so you can get your BOGO coupon!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nemo, Lightning McQueen, and Elmo

Last weekend we watched the first Nebraska game of the season at my sister and brother-in-law's house. There was yummy food, lots of cheering, and family time.

But my nephew Nathan stole the show!!

"Nathan, I want to take your picture!"

"Aunt Mikki, I see me?"

"Come here Nathan, I want to take your picture - you look too cute!!"

"Nathan?? Nathan??"

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dirty Thirty

In five short months I will be turning (gulp) 30. To be honest I am not looking forward to this birthday at all. I have come across a few blogs where people who are going to turn 30 have compiled a list of the things they want to accomplish before their birthday. I decided to follow suit in hopes that I would achieve some major goals while looking forward (instead of dreading) the big 3-0! Below is my list - I plan to update you as I accomplish these goals.

This list currently is posted to my refrigerator as a big fat reminder of the 30 things I need to accomplish in 5 short months - I'm hoping by having it on my blog I will be more motivated to accomplish the list!

Mikki’s 30 Before the Big 30!!

1. Read four books

2. Cook one new recipe a week

3. Go on a trip

4. Take two classes

5. Learn to use my sewing machine & make something fun

6. Run a 5K

7. Organize my teaching supplies

8. Volunteer

9. Host a dinner

10. Blog more

11. Take more pictures

12. Learn how to play my guitar

13. Paint a picture

14. Bake a cake from scratch with frosting

15. Do a Bible study

16. Cook breakfast once a month

17. Go sledding

18. Lose weight

19. Fly a kite

20. Take a road trip using a coin (heads or tails)

21. Learn more sign language

22. Visit Red Rocks

23. Buy a new pair of glasses

24. Do something nice for Ryan once a month

25. Go on a bike ride

26. Get a couples massage

27. Set a weekly cleaning schedule

28. Have girl time once a month

29. Get apartment decorated and organized

30. Say goodbye to my 20’s feeling excited and accomplished!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Sunday!!

I woke up this morning to this...

And if you're grossed out about Oreo and I sharing a water cup - we do not. I found out awhile ago she was doing this during the night and do not drink out of my cup anytime during the night.

Hope your Sunday is quenched with happiness!! :o)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Show us Your Life - Favorite Blogs

I have a secret...you know how everyone jokes about "that person" who looks in your medicine cabinet in your bathroom while visiting your house? Well...I'm "that person". I like to know what I'm missing out on - some may say nosy, I say curious. :o)

Growing up I always searched and found my birthday and Christmas presents long before the celebrating began. I still remember when I was about ten years old and I was at my cousins house. I led her around her house searching for her and her sisters Christmas presents - I brought her out to the family camper and there they were. I will never forget the look on her face - she was so upset the surprise was ruined. She wasn't the curious type, she didn't need to know. I did.

Now here we are twenty years later and I have found the way to feed my endless curiosity about people and their lives. BLOGGING! I love it - I could spend hours looking at other people's blogs. Today I am linking up to Kelly's Korner to some of my favorite blogs - these are ones I access everyday and hope you visit them too!!

1. My sister has two blogs that are so fun to read!
The first is her family blog - I am incredibly partial to this blog as it focuses mainly on my two favorite little boys - my nephews! Nothing beats the stories and the pictures of my sister's beautiful and blessed family.

The second is her newer blog Socks In the Dishwasher. Here you can read about her amazing family as well as other stories and fun things she has to share! She is a great writer and keeps me motivated on my blog.

2. Real Mom Kitchen - I have found so many delicious recipes on this blog. She updates every weekday, has theme weeks, and giveaways!! It's easy to use and search for recipes - I try at least one recipe a week from her site.

3. Bargain Blessings - Jennie runs this site. I went to a couponing class she had last November and is the reason I have found such great success in couponing. She is an amazing woman who teaches the couponing ways as a Christian. One of the best things she does is teaches way to give to others and coupon ethically.

So there they are - some of my favorite websites! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Barbecued Pork - Easy Crockpot Recipe

One of my favorite blogs Kelly's Korner is featuring Crockpot recipes. Here is a recipe that is incredibly yummy and super easy to make (and the creator of the Crockpot is saying "duh Mikki that's why I created it!"). I found this recipe years ago when I was doing Weight Watchers and still use it all the time. I typically add some additional spices like garlic salt and red pepper flakes.

Barbecued Pork

2 lbs. boneless pork top loin
1 cup chopped onion
3/4 cup diet soda
3/4 cup barbecue sauce (I typically use more - we love us some BBQ here!)

Combine all ingredients in a Crockpot. Cook, covered on high for 5-6 hours or until meat is very tender. Drain and slice or shred pork.

Serves 8

Serve as is or on buns/bread/whatever you like!! Enjoy!!!