Monday, August 29, 2011

Survey Says...

Now it's time for me to share why I reviewed the Downy Unstopables...

Along with couponing and saving money another great way to get coupons, try products for free, AND make money is to take online surveys. I was nervous about it at first but if you find the right survey websites and are willing to spend some time you can have success with it too.

I use three different sites and so far have tried the Unstopables, received a free bottle of shampoo (the only downfall - I did not know the brand) to review, made $20 and much more!!

The three sites I use are:

They are not always accepting new users so you may have to try a few times over a month or two. They use a point system for each of the surveys you complete - so far I have made $20 and received my check promptly! You can also use your points to get different items!

I am still getting familiar with this website, but so far find it easy to navigate. This is another one where you are rewarded points and then cash them in for money.

This website is not a survey site but is good and is especially for Moms. You can get free samples (currently they are giving away Unstopables samples) and coupons. It was through this site that I was able to get a free full-sized Unstopables bottles. I agreed that if I was given the product I would review it on their site and write a review on my blog.

Like I said it takes some time but if you can get free things, save money, and make money I absolutely think it is worth my time!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Review - Downy Unstopables!

A Great New Find!!

<span class=unstopables-fresh.png">

I recently had the opportunity to try a new product from Downy. Downy Unstopables is a laundry product that makes your clothes smell fresh and clean!! You simply pour some of the dissolving beads into your washing machine with the detergent and clothes, dry as normal and WOW!! You get amazing smelling, fresh clothes that last until the next wash.

I used to be a big fabric softener fan (mostly for the "fresh laundry" smell) - that is no more! Our clothes are so soft (I no longer use dryer sheets) and smell so good I will not go back!!

I also have very sensitive skin - I tend to have a skin allergy to many laundry products, especially ones with that yummy new laundry smell. I had no sensitivity issues to the Unstopables. There are two scents you can choose from - Fresh and Lush. I have used the Fresh and I LOVE IT!

Have you tried Downy Unstopables?? If you have, let me know what you think!!

Coming soon - find out how I was able to snag a full-sized sample of this product and other ways to test products and make money!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sign Says: Bumpy Road Ahead

On Thursday of last week I was sitting with one of my kiddos and he was playing with my upper arm (one might say "jiggling" my upper arm).

He looked up at me with childhood wonder and said "Ms. Mikki - why is your arm so bumpy?"

I just looked at him...he just kept on jiggling...

And then...

"Ms. Mikki - you need more muscles".

There it sign...the inevitable...

The weight loss journey begins (again) this week - I'm more about a lifestyle change this time. Healthier choices and (MUCH) more exercise!

Time to get rid of the bumpy!! Who's with me?!?