Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cyst or Cat Scratch "Fever"?

If you have already seen me or will see me in the near future you will notice "it".  A red, painful bump on my neck that I have had since April.  Initially, I thought it was a swollen gland, since that happens to me a lot.  After two doses of antibiotics and a horrible CT scan,  I made the trip today (with my wonderful and calming sister, Kyle) to the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor.  Turns out "it" could be one of two things: 1.) a sort of cyst or 2.) something that has "cat scratch" in it's name, which I have dubbed cat scratch "fever".  Kyle and I could not remember the medical name for it.  I will be getting an ultrasound on Monday to determine which one it is.  If it is a cyst, I will have surgery to have it removed.  If it is cat scratch fever, I will be put on antibiotics.  If the antibiotics don't fight it, then I will have surgery.  Turns out, my cute little kitty Oreo, may have given me some of her bacteria through a scratch or bite, which got into my blood and then settled in my lymph node.  

To anyone I have had contact with or will have contact with: I AM NOT CONTAGIOUS!  No matter the result you can't catch what I have.  I immediately came home and googled to get more information and cat scratch fever is rare and not contagious.  

To my sister: thank you for going with me!  Your reading of The Bernstein Bears as we waited calmed me and my fears of Mrs. Grizzle "The Babysitter".  But really, I do appreciate you going!


  1. You're welcome! I'm good like that. Will you be okay with meeting the woman with the "wand and the goo"?

  2. Turns out you were right - the wand and the goo aren't so bad! The woman was nice too :) Plus, it was really neat to see whatever this thing is.