Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Are They Saying??

So it's understood!!! I work with a FUN bunch of kiddos, but did you know how difficult it can be to understand what a 2/3 year-old is trying to communicate?? (if you're a parent I'm sure you do!!) I actually love this part of my job - often guessing over and over what the little one is trying to tell me. I love that they are still learning how to speak, especially in complete sentences. They each have their own "language" that I have come to understand like their own Mom, but at night when I think about what is actually coming out of their mouths it makes me smile. So let's play a game - can you figure out what the child is saying??? Have fun!!

E: mitt mitty i mittu toooe mut

S: you su aw swawing stwipes serts

A: can you swip me?

J: i'm tuk!!!

Answers to come soon!!! (Try this: Ryan had no clue until I had him say them out loud - he then got 1/4 - can you beat his score???)

And because this conversation has kept me giggling and puzzled all day:

I was talking to one of my 2 1/2 year olds and he was telling me what he had for dinner last night.

He told me he had pigs feet (ewww!!).

I, of course, had to get more information about his dinner and asked him who made it.

Dad did.

How did Dad make it??

In the pressure cooker. :o) (Recipe coming soon - or NOT!)



  1. E) Miss Mikki I miss you so much! (Awww)
    S) You two are wearing striped shirts. (Not sure but I might be close)
    A) Can you wipe me? (EWWW)
    J) I'm stuck!

    I have an almost 2 year old so I should be good at this!!!

  2. HAHAHA Mik that is so funny! As a dad I definitely understand. I am constantly asking Nathan what the heck he just said....then asking Kyle.

    1. Miss Mikki I miss you so much
    2. You two are wearing stripped shirts
    3. Can you ??? me?
    4. I'm stuck

    My guesses are made better by the ones above!!

  3. Matt cheats!!! Next time he's going to go first!! I have good answers! :) He he....Now I want the answers.

    Second guess on #2 and #3
    2) You see us wearing stripped shirts.
    3) Can you sweep me? (odd but maybe that is what they said)