Monday, August 22, 2011

Sign Says: Bumpy Road Ahead

On Thursday of last week I was sitting with one of my kiddos and he was playing with my upper arm (one might say "jiggling" my upper arm).

He looked up at me with childhood wonder and said "Ms. Mikki - why is your arm so bumpy?"

I just looked at him...he just kept on jiggling...

And then...

"Ms. Mikki - you need more muscles".

There it sign...the inevitable...

The weight loss journey begins (again) this week - I'm more about a lifestyle change this time. Healthier choices and (MUCH) more exercise!

Time to get rid of the bumpy!! Who's with me?!?


  1. Count me in, although you know I like to eat junk much better than fruit and vegetables. We are much beter as a team than as one. Net

  2. Go team - No Bump Buddy! I'll join you. This is coming for the girl who just sat on the couch and ate the 3 year old Oreo cookies! I've got a long way to go!