Monday, May 2, 2011

What's Next??


I know that I have one faithful reader (thank you to my sister!!). However, I would like to know from my readers (is there anyone out there??) what you would like me to write about next? Please vote and the winning vote is what will be posted soon (as in a couple days, not months!! It's all about me getting motivated to write folks!!). Here are your choices:

1. My adorable nephews
2. My adventures as a preschool teacher
3. Recipes
4. Couponing - my favorite new and successful past time!!
5. Readers Choice (this is where you pick a topic and I will write about it - risky!!)
6. Ryan Writes - I've talked about it in the past...would you like to hear what my amazing husband has to say???


  1. I am a very loyal and faithful reader. Thanks for updating. Can I post a link on my blog to yours? If you update they will come!

    As far as my vote....I say I'd like to see your pics from your vacation last year or a story about when you tried to kick me wearing a long tight pj dress (or whatever that was called) or about what food you couldn't live without or your idea of the best meal ever!! Keep posting and I'll keep reading!!

  2. I read your blog too Mikki.
    I say write about couponing. I'm into it too!

  3. I am also a loyal and faithful reader and love hearing about all that you do. Enjoy your opions and all the stories about the kids. Try to coupon but not as well as you, so love your tips! Would be fun to hear from Ryan from time to time. Of course, the aunt stories are a real favorite.