Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Here are a couple of funny things a little boy ("C") said to me recently...

* During lunch we excuse each of the children to go to the bathroom to alleviate the inevitable trip back in during after lunch recess. After having their turn to "potty" they finish their lunch. When I excused C to go potty he told me couldn't go because he was "stuck to the chair".

* When we come back in from being outside a teacher reads from a chapter book while the children take some time to lay down and rest. While I was getting the children settled C tells me that I can't read the story today. When I asked why he told me he is allergic to stories!!

* This is the same boy that told a substitute teacher last Friday his name is Julian (it is not!) and told a parent that my coworker is his Mom (she is not!).

Kids are the BEST!

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