Monday, September 5, 2011

Dirty Thirty

In five short months I will be turning (gulp) 30. To be honest I am not looking forward to this birthday at all. I have come across a few blogs where people who are going to turn 30 have compiled a list of the things they want to accomplish before their birthday. I decided to follow suit in hopes that I would achieve some major goals while looking forward (instead of dreading) the big 3-0! Below is my list - I plan to update you as I accomplish these goals.

This list currently is posted to my refrigerator as a big fat reminder of the 30 things I need to accomplish in 5 short months - I'm hoping by having it on my blog I will be more motivated to accomplish the list!

Mikki’s 30 Before the Big 30!!

1. Read four books

2. Cook one new recipe a week

3. Go on a trip

4. Take two classes

5. Learn to use my sewing machine & make something fun

6. Run a 5K

7. Organize my teaching supplies

8. Volunteer

9. Host a dinner

10. Blog more

11. Take more pictures

12. Learn how to play my guitar

13. Paint a picture

14. Bake a cake from scratch with frosting

15. Do a Bible study

16. Cook breakfast once a month

17. Go sledding

18. Lose weight

19. Fly a kite

20. Take a road trip using a coin (heads or tails)

21. Learn more sign language

22. Visit Red Rocks

23. Buy a new pair of glasses

24. Do something nice for Ryan once a month

25. Go on a bike ride

26. Get a couples massage

27. Set a weekly cleaning schedule

28. Have girl time once a month

29. Get apartment decorated and organized

30. Say goodbye to my 20’s feeling excited and accomplished!


  1. I have some wonderful ideas on how I can help you accomplish some of these! 1) Go to one of those painting places that also have drinks that show you how to paint - that could also count as girl time too!
    2) Make the boys a super big pillow - you know, like the one we had when we were kids!
    3) You can bake the cake for Jesus' birthday party!!
    :) Just helping you get started. Where is the babysit my nephews once a month ??? Hmmm, just wondering :) :) :)

  2. Good luck! Have fun - know you can do it!!!