Monday, July 11, 2011

Figurine or Firearm??

My husband...
He works hard, plays hard, and is an amazing man!!

So amazing that he took a day off to spend time with me on my day off - what a guy!!

Since we moved about two months ago we have been "cleaning out our closet" or you know...trying to get rid of stuff we don't use anymore.
Stuff like the flute I played in high school, decorations, clothes, etc. You get the idea!

Well today on our day off together we decided to take some time and try to look into possibly selling said stuff. We have tried Craigslist and so far have had no luck so we decided to directly call some stores to see if we'd get a bite.

The first item we called on was the flute and we have a lead!!

The second item was a Hummel figurine. Do you know what that is? Well it's one of these...

We got this after a family friend passed away years ago and have decided we really have no use for it and it does not go with our decor.

So my wonderful husband got on the phone and called the first store. Here is how the conversation went.
Ryan: "Hello, I found your website and it says you buy antiques and collectibles. Oh... ok... Really? So it's mostly firearms then?"
I don't think that's the person who will be buying our Hummel figurine :)

And after that...we're headed to the pool!!

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