Monday, January 25, 2010

Out of the Mouth of....Me???

As some of you may know I work with children. Young children. I teach 2 1/2 and 3 year-olds. They are at such a fun age and I love each of these kids dearly. I LOVE going to work every day and think about these children at ALL hours of the day. I tell Ryan at least once a week "Who gets to go to a job where they are hugged as they come in the door??" Well I do and it makes my heart swell every day.

However...I have a unique bunch. This group of little ones is like none other I've taught before. And I have taught many at many ages. They make me happy but at the same time they challenge me. I love being challenged. They make me think differently and react differently. That being said...
I think it is time for me to blog about my job. I'm not going to gloat (did i mention I LOVE my job!!) and I'm not going to complain. Instead, I'm going to share some things that have been said by me and my coworkers in the last three months. I've always said it would be funny to hear what we say to these children without knowing the situation. These one-liners are going to be taken out of context and you can take them as they are: (I will not use names of the children, but just the 1st initial of the child's 1st name)

Me: "E, stop eating L's hair!!"

B (my coworker): "L, stop riding B" (she was riding on his back as he was crawling)

Me: "C, he is not going to eat you all gone!!!"

Me: "We do not put rocks up our noses!! It is NOT ok!"

Me: "I do not want to see you hitting your balls across the room"

Me: "Ew!! When you lick windows it makes me sad!"

Me: "Your words make my ears sad" (I don't know where I come up with this stuff!) Can ears BE sad?? To a 3-year-old they CAN!! You should have seen her face after I said this...I gave her extra hugs that afternoon.

Me: "Do NOT lick the slide - you will be sad if your tongue sticks to it!!" (it had frost on it, I thought about A Christmas Story as I said it....I really don't think your tongue can stick to a plastic slide....OR CAN IT???)

Me: "We do not eat food off of the floor, it is yucky and will make you sick!" (I have learned this is not true - kids can eat anything from anywhere and they will not get sick...)

My job is so fun (yet extremely challenging). I love it!! Stay tuned for more "out of the mouth of..."!!!

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