Friday, January 22, 2010

What to Blog?

I read many MANY blogs. I'm obsessed - like A LOT!! And I have come to find there are three popular things to blog about: kids, crafts, and food.

Well...I have no kids. I have a nephew and I "have" 17 two/three year-olds I work with five days a week. I spend approximately 20-40 hours a week with each of them, but they are not MINE. I have no true child of my own. So I will blog about my nephew and I will blog about my school kids, but I will not (for the time being) keep you coming back with photos of my own child. AND I AM OK WITH THAT!!! I really am.

I don't do crafts, you can't find me on etsy, although I do aspire to someday make a pillowcase dress for a niece or daughter, and I love walking around Michael's. I have been trying to cross-stitch for four years with no avail. I have a beginner's knitting kit that has never been opened (that scarf and matching hat will be adorable when I get around to it).

So there's food. I love food (duh!) and I love to cook. And I vow to post and review recipes, I will share triumphs and tribulations in my own cooking experiences, and I will share links to recipes that sound or taste wonderful.

And there it is - what should I blog about? I have spent, I hate to admit, many EARLY mornings and LATE nights trying to decide what it is I have to put out there for people to read. I'm still not sure. Maybe thoughts like these. Maybe just my thoughts on kids, crafts, and food??? Stick with me and we'll find out where it goes from here.

This was written to not offend anyone who blogs about these three things because I do LOVE to read all types of blogs. These are just my thoughts, and my thoughts lead me to blog about things that are not typical (as I see it) in the "blog world". . . .

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