Monday, January 18, 2010

Playing Mom and Dad...

As a treat, Ryan and I took our nephew Nathan on a Wednesday morning to the Children's Museum in Denver while Matt and Kyle took time to get caught up on household duties and work on their soon-to-be finished basement. We had previously babysat Nathan together on a Saturday night and then (I) decided we could venture out with him alone. So that day we played Mom and Dad. Are we ready for kids of our own?? We think NO!! I work with 2 1/2 year olds and even I was exhausted after a morning out with Nathan. I had no idea all that goes into taking a kid out. I was really happy I didn't have to change his diaper in a public restroom!! Seriously though, we had such a great time with our nephew and can't wait to make more memories with him!!
Here are some pictures of our fun day out:

I gave Ryan a hard time about his driving. I have
NEVER seen him drive so white-knuckled and cautious.
It was ADORABLE!!!

He's laughing because I was making fun of him - beyond cautious!!
Such a Daddy in the making :o)

Nathan eating a snack and watching Elmo!

Here he is "shopping". At the beginning he would
put items in one at a time, once he was more
comfortable he was taking things 4 at a time!

Playing in the "forest". Nathan had just walked on
a bridge that makes noises when you step on
it and didn't really like it.

Crawling in the ant hill!! So many places to go!

Nathan the fireman!!

I thought he looked so cute from behind!

Painting! It looks like he'll be able to help finish
the basement. :0)

Nathan found an acorn in the nest!!

Ryan and I had so much fun with Nathan. He is a smart, adorable boy who melts my heart! We love him beyond words and are blessed to be his Aunt and Uncle.


  1. Too cute!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your outing!! Nathan loved it too!

  2. Let me know the next time we can babysit - we can't wait!!!!